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Heer Meri Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Pav Dharia & Dheera Chatha

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:22 pm
by Admin
Song: Heer Meri
Artist: Pav Dharia & Randhir Chatha

Tu Heer Meri Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation

Sangdi Sangdi Kolon Langdi Langdi
Gutt Dangdi, Dangdi
Keh K Heer, Heer Saare Pind Di Mandeer
Dil Mangdi, Mangdi
Aa Ni Aa Ni
La Dil Vich Dera
Tu Heer Meri Ni Main Ranjha Tera

When you pass by feeling shy
Your "Gutt" bites like a snake
All the youth is calling you heer
and seeking your heart
Come here
Stay in my heart
You are my Heer and I am your Ranjha

Golle Golle Golle.X2
Ni Kann Laa Ke Sun Jattiye
Mera Ishq Tere Vich Bolle
Ni Tere Naal Main Jachda
Jime Guddiyan Naal Patolle
Ni Lukk-Lukk Laiyan C
Bhed Naina Ne Kholle

Gole Gole Gole (a type of pigeon)
Pay attention and listen jattiye
Song of my love is the tune of your heart
I look very good with you
as a doll does with its partner
Love, that was supposed to be hidden from the world
was made known by the love struck eyes

Hasdi Hasdi Jaave Dasdi Dasdi
Naini Vasdi Vasdi
Bujhartan Tu Paundi
Gal Dil Di Lukaundi
Nahio Dasdi Dasdi
Aa Ni Aa Tu E Sajra Swera
Tu Heer Meri Ni Main Ranjha Tera

When you laugh, you have a mesmerizing effect
Which just embeds you deeper in my mind
You play games
but you don't tell what is in your heart
Come girl! you are like a new morning
You are my Heer and I am your Ranjha

Nika Jea Tera Lakk Patlo
Jaave Cheer Cheer
Seene Akh Patlo
Let Me See See
Thoda Hass Patlo
Eni Aakad Na Saanu Di Kha
Naam Reha Jap Patlo
Rang Tere Roop Da Att Patlo
Ik Vaari Tu Saade Wall Takk Patlo
Aa Ja Mere Naal Nach Patlo

Your slender waist
cuts deep
Your eyes!
Let me see
Just smile
Don't be so stubborn
I keep reciting your name
Your beauty is beyond words
Just look at me once
Come dance with me

Jhaavan Jhaavan Jhaavan
Ni Roop Tera Khand Di Dali
Tenu Ghol Ke Pani Ch Pee Javan
Gaur Naal Takk Balliye
Tere Naal Mera Parchhava
Ni Dhupp Vich Sarhde Nu
Kar Julfan Diyan Shaavan

Jhaavan Jhaavan Jhaavan (a piece made of material similar to a brick that is used to scrub the feet)
Your beauty is like a sweet ball
I just want to drink you up with water
Look closely sweetheart
My shadow walks with you
Bless me with some shadow of your love as I stand in the sun alone

Sajdi Sajdi Bda Fabdi Fabdi
Sohn Rabb Di Rabb Di
Bach Ja Tu Jaane
Akh Tere Te Rakaane
Hun Sab Di Sab Di
Aa Ni Aa, Dil Tadfe Mera
Tu Heer Meri Ni Main Ranjha Tera

When you dress up, you look very good
I swear to god
Be careful girl
All the eyes are on you
Come girl! my heart is pining for you
You are my heer and I am your Ranjjha